Thursday, October 29, 2009

What A Wonderful World

Directly from the horse's mouth:

Mega Yacht Marina Aims to Attract Discerning Tourists

The PLP Government is committed to enhancing our tourism product and attracting guests with plenty of disposable income to our island. To that end, the PLP Government announced that a mega yacht marina is coming to Dockyard.

The marina development is a public-private partnership designed to attract discerning visitors to our shores. The first class facility will feature around 200 slips designed to accommodate vessels of all sizes, including mega-yachts.

The mega yacht marina is part of the PLP Government's continued commitment to Platinum Period upgrades to our tourism product.

Is it just me or does the PLP seem to be living in some lovely fantasy land where Bermuda's tourism industry isn't going down the tube? I swear if I hear about our Platinum Period one more time I will write a strongly worded letter to our Government asking where my dividend got lost.

We as a country don't have the money right now to be spending on this kind of fanciful idea that may... or may not pay dividends far in the future. I would rather see healthcare provided to our seniors than money thrown into a project that I can see being yet another complete waste of public funds.

Perhaps our Government should concentrate on fixing our failing industry as it is rather than grasping at straws in the hope that something will save their record in the tourism department.
It seems like they, like me, are indulging in just a little bit too much,

Wishful Thinking

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