Monday, October 26, 2009

Homophobia/Racism/Sexism - Spot The Odd One Out

I'll give you a hint. It's a trick question because they're all the same.

British group highlights homophobia in Bermuda

It's disgusting that Bermuda has a mindset that would be more appropriate in centuries past.

No where does this homophobia manifest itself more obviously than in the youth of today and it disgusts me. It seems so hard for so many to draw the connection between homophobia and gay-bashing to other equally as unacceptable forms of discrimination such as racism and sexism.

The first two have been recognized and we have seen a change in the way people view such forms of discrimination as well as seeing an implementation of legal safeguards to combat them, sadly Bermuda falls far behind in both legal action and even social mindset when it comes to homosexuality.

I'd like to think that by the time my life is over Bermuda will have changed but historically Bermuda has always been slow to move forward... So that may just be some more...

Wishful Thinking


  1. Sadly, racism is still accepted in Bermuda. Ask any Asian living here. Or someone whose pigmentation doesn't mach what the PLP deems sufficient, either.

    Sexism is also still abounding. But it's better hidden.

    The homophobia is, as you pointed out, part of the same malaise. The hypocrites will use their "religious" beliefs to justify it, like they did 75 years ago to deny women's rights, and 150 years ago to deny slaves' rights. It's an insidious mindset and needs to be stopped immediately.

    I would suggest you changing your phrase "more appropriate in centuries past" to prevalent. It has NEVER been appropriate.

    FWIW, at the review of the HRA a few years back, sexual orientation protection was placed in the legislation by unanimous vote of the panel that was working on it. The politicians responsible (the current ruling party) refused to entertain the idea and forced the panel to amend the legislation.

  2. Racism and Sexism are indeed still alive however my point was that at least on those issues the ball has begun moving. Gay Rights remain at the starting gate.

    The meaning intended was that it has always been wrong but, that one would expect it centuries ago but, not in our modern world. I don't mean to suggest it has ever been right.

    The PLP remains in power on a wave of support from the large religious portion of the Bermudian population. It worries me that even ,as you say, when there are calls for modifications the party refuses to do so.