Monday, April 19, 2010

Marry Your Own Kind

Its interesting how the Government seems to actively discourage Bermudians marrying non-Bermudians. If one were a cynic one would read something sinister in the apparent attempts to encourage Bermudians to marry amongst themselves rather than leaving the island for love but, naturally to do such a thing would be the opposite of wishful thinking and thus it must be avoided. So I will simply say that it's interesting. Whether it be suggestions that certain foreign spouses are prostitutes, calls for Bermudians to be allowed only one foreign spouse in their life or the requirement for married couples to purchase a land license like any other expat owning property, it would seem that the Government has something against the deepening of Bermuda's Gene paddle pool.

On the issue of land licenses, although not something new, I would have to agree with those who say that it seems to create two classes of Bermudian marriages: Bermuda-Bermuda and Bermuda-Other, which doesn't seem right. I of course understand the need to ensure that Bermuda is owned by Bermudians but, the way the Government has gone about it feels all wrong. Perhaps at some point in the future the law will be reexamined. I certainly hope so.

Wishful Thinking