Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bermuda Public Transportation

I depend on buses to get around and understandably its therefore important for me to be know the bus schedule.

Knowing the bus schedule is no use though if buses leave when they please!!

Today I had a reasonably important appointment I needed to make in town so I arranged to be at the bus stop waiting 10 minutes early to ensure that I didn't miss it. Needless to say I was informed by a friend of mine that she had been on that bus and it was already in town by the time I got to the bus stop! Thankfully I managed to scrounge a ride off of another friend of mine but, the fact remains that such an occurrence is completely unacceptable. I understand variations in times due to traffic but, this bus I later found out left its starting point 15 minutes early. Leaving me stranded. I managed to get around it this time but, the schedule is the schedule and I for one need those buses.


Wishful Thinking

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