Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Even Adults Act Like Children Somtimes

The fun never ends for a blogger in Bermuda. Rarely do I find myself with nothing to say about at least one article in the days news. Today that article was:

There's no going back – UBP rebels

The specific area that caught my attention was this:

"We do not believe that the current political parties can do that. To be absolutely clear, none of the ex-UBPers will be returning to the fold of the UBP, no matter who becomes leader of the UBP and no matter what changes they say they can make."

To me this sounds like nothing more than a "You were mean to us so we're not playing with you anymore, we've got our own game now". It's nothing but, self serving, selfish rhetoric. The six have made their opinion clear regarding what their problems with the UBP that caused their split were. Turning around now and saying that regardless of what improvements the UBP can make they refuse to rejoin will help nothing at all.

It's commendable that the six recognise the baggage the UBP carries and how ineffective as an opposition it is but, if it can at least begin to make important step forwards then by remaining divided it will only weaken the ability to provide a strong opposition to the PLP government. Especially with the prospect of a possible snap election it would be absolutely ridiculous for the UBP and the new party to compete against each other. They share similar values, or they would have never joined the UBP in the first place and two parties representing the same ideals can only split the vote and result in the PLP coming out on top yet again.

Bermuda cannot deal with another 5 years under Dr. Brown and it cannot deal with much longer without a viable opposition. If the six are truly considered only with whats best for Bermuda then I expect them to do what is truly best even if that includes giving up the opportunity for personal glory and coming to a compromise with a duly reformed UBP. Obviously should the UBP fail to reform as it needs to then the six are the only hope for Bermuda politics unless another party is going to pop out of nowhere and I hope they hold their ground and make the changes that our entire system so dearly needs.

Of course even expecting that a reformed, united UBP could be successful in the racially charged climate that is Bermuda politics is probably just

Wishful Thinking

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