Sunday, October 11, 2009

China Strikes Back

Following Bermuda's acceptance of the Uighers and the back and forth from both sides of the house as well as a number of statements from England at last we have a suggestion of the Chinese view.

While some have criticized Cole Simmons decision to meet with the Chinese Ambassador to England I can't say that I believe such criticisms hold any water. He was not negotiating or deciding anything, he was asking questions. He was seeking information, information that until now the public had never received. I respect Mark Pettingill but, his accusations that the act was "constitutionally wrong and candidly not sensible" are quite frankly ridiculous. Cole Simmons says it well when he says "Would Mr. Pettingill not warn people in a building about a fire because he is not a fireman?".

Our government has shown a clear disregard for the constitution in the way they accepted the Uighers but, that situation and the current one are completely different. Perhaps the best way to describe the difference is the describe the first situation as an Act and the second as an Ask. Acting is a power reserved for the governor, Asking on the other hand is the democratic right of each and every Bermudian including our opposition and therefore Cole Simmons.

I wait eagerly for any government response on the issue and hope that it can be resolved without any ill effects on Bermuda's trade with China, thankfully I know that the Governor and the Foreign Office in England will be calling the shots on this one so hopefully it'll all end well. Although the extradition demand could be a problem if China sticks by its guns on that point. I hope that Dr. Brown's actions will soon pass into the history books without any adverse effects for Bermuda but, then again I have a habit for,

Wishful Thinking

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