Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Striking - The Ultimate Bermuda Cliche

Take these comments with a pinch of salt as there may be parts of the story that are yet to be released but, listening to radio news on the way home I heard of Corporation of Hamilton workers downing tools at lunch today. Expecting some major issue to have caused the work stoppage I listened intently, wondering what the Corporation of Hamilton (facing imminent dissolution by government) had done to drive their workers to take action. Needless to say I was shocked to find out that the explanation was (and I quote) "It's about some issues. Nothing too serious. There are a few little things that we need to sort out."

Come on Bermuda!!

Strikes (Perhaps there is a better word for it other than strikes?) are sometimes necessary, they are, during tough times, a vital tool to ensure workers are not exploited and are given fair consideration and treatment by their employers but, often in Bermuda I find myself completely dumbfounded by the reasoning behind some of the work stoppages.

Union meetings should happen on Union time, NOT on employer time. Is that really a belief that only I hold? Is it really so illogical? Or is it just that expecting such logic to be applied to actual reality is just

Wishful Thinking

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