Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some People Just Don't Get it Do They?


I'd say we're rather fond of it here in the West and personally I'd be a tad upset if we lost it. But, I think we need to recognize one of the greatest protectors of freedom of our time. An advocate of freedom of the press, of open and frank discussion and most of all government transparency.

Yes you've guessed it! It's Dr. The Honorable Ewart F. Brown Jr. JP. MP.!

He's attempted to gag the press

He's shouts down opposition with cries of racism and appeals for party unity

He has shown himself to have an autocratic style, keeping his cards close to his chest far from the sunshine of public scrutiny.

He's even responsible for the oh so famous "We had to deceive you" comment.

Now on the eve of his announcement of PATI legislation in his speech to the nation (which has now turned out to contain some major, potentially fatal flaws) he has again blessed us with a true insight into the way a democracy should work.

"But it is not over. I wish I could stand here tonight and tell you that the departure of the Mid-Ocean News — may it rest in peace — I wish I could tell you that — someone sent me an e-mail when the announcement was made about the Mid Ocean, and I can't remember who it was, but it said: 'One down, one to go.'"

Laughing, he continued: "I have no idea what that meant, but let me say this to you that every day the citizens of this country still awaken to something negative about either the leadership or something that's designed to be divisive about the party.

"And I want to thank you for having the intelligence and the fortitude to resist that and to make sure that the PLP remains the Government and forever the strongest political party in Bermuda."

-From this Royal Gazette Article

At first I thought that perhaps the loss of a newspaper on this island, which doesn't have very many sources of information as it is, was a blow to democratic principles. But, our Premier has set me right yet again! The Mid-Ocean news through its reporting of stories that could potentially shine a negative light on our glorious leader and his government has committed an atrocity that should never be forgiven nor forgotten. The sunshine of public scrutiny causes sunburn and no one likes to be burnt. Especially not politicians. Therefore this is a great step forward! One down, one to go! Amen!

Now we just need to get rid of that pesky Bill Zuill and his meddling reporters and poor Dr. Brown will at last be free of those vicious factual attacks that are destroying our democracy! Until then we can only hope.

Hope and devote ourselves to that wonderful habit of...

Wishful Thinking


  1. Not only is the Premier celebrating the demise of the free press and the closure of a tax paying business ... he seems to be wishing ill will on a company with quite a few unionised workers.

  2. Dr. Brown has lost track of what a labour government is supposed to stand for. That became evident a long time ago. He is focused completly on his own agenda for the country and that in itself is a worrying idea.