Sunday, November 8, 2009

Young Black Bermudian Males

The 200+ long report on the plight of Bermuda's young black males is a damning indictment of a school system that leaves 50% of BBM's "on the wall".

While recognizing a purely racial gap in employment pay (given the monetary value of $1,600 dollars) the report clearly highlights the differences in chosen industries and the differences in educational achievements (degrees etc.) as major factors in the disparity in that area.

The report also cites the idea that BBM's are better suited to the trades (i.e. working with their hands) as another major issue.

Finally the lack of proper information on college applications and guidance in that area are also adversely affecting the prospects of BBM's according to the study.

All in all one must take the report in the spirit it is intended. Not as another weapon to be thrown in the argument on race relations in Bermuda but, rather as a guide to making a change for the betterment of all of Bermuda. It highlights a number of possible solutions to Bermuda's problems which centre around the idea of paying closer attention to the at risk students and ensuring they make it through their education and therefore open up so many more opportunities to themselves then they would have otherwise. The author of the report commented on the topic of whether he would do another report at a later date that he has done his study, it is now up to us to make the changes.

The youth are the future of society, the future movers and shakers that will form the Bermuda of the future. Prime examples of these youth leaders can already be seen in sport, Youth Parliament and various initiatives that take place through the year including the UN Youth Conference but, what is the point if a significant section of our society is left to fall by the wayside? The key to any functioning democracy is an educated populace. It's about time our Government sped up the long promised reforms that have been expected ever since the Hopkins report in 2007. The mention of education in this years throne speech is promising but, as always we must try not to get our hopes up and end up with only another years worth of...

Wishful Thinking.

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