Monday, November 9, 2009

Vaugue? Check. Meaningless? Check. Hypocrisy? Check.

Culture Minister Neletha Butterfield reported today that the possibility of banning discrimination based on sexual orientation under the Human Rights Act was rejected by cabinet earlier this year but, is "still being actively investigated”

Being "actively investigated"?

Does one need to actively investigate whether racism is wrong? Whether sexism is wrong? Whether discrimination based on religion is wrong? The Government's powers of deflection are astounding. It takes real skill, willfully applied to come up with such a meaningless and incredibly vague statement. This year's Throne Speech provides some hope for the cause and yet one cannot ignore the worrying prospect that this announcement raises the possibility of. Inaction.

For a government that champions the fight against discrimination on racial grounds it is once again the epitome of hypocrisy to attempt to stand in the way of the protection of the most basic human rights of all people regardless of their sexual orientation. One can only hope that sense and justice prevails but, Bermuda has an uncanny ability to ensure that hoping for the best ends up as nothing more than...

Wishful Thinking

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