Sunday, November 22, 2009

Futurecare? Or Futurecareless?

On Saturday it was reported that the amendment to the Health Insurance Act has been passed by the house of assembly after a heated debate in which Louise Jackson in her usual manner ripped the Government to pieces on the subject of Future Care.

The main issue of the night was the question of funding. Was this amendment a step back taken because of the realization that the funds necessary simply aren't there? Or was it as the Government claims a reaction to the predatory practices of private insurers which left so many without access to any form of insurance.

To me it seems a bit of both but, the government should have anticipated it. Private companies exist to make a profit and despite our ruling party being a Labour party they cannot simply ignore this fact. They are going to react to any government intervention in the marketplace in a way that suits them best and it is the Government's responsibility to investigate and anticipate what effects they will have.

Healthcare for our seniors is a noble idea but, if it's going to be done it needs to be done right. The Government has bought some time now, in time hopefully they can get it right and prove that faith in them is not just,

Wishful Thinking

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