Monday, November 16, 2009


Part of Opposition's Throne Speech reply struck from official record

Does such a headline worry anyone but, me?

The Offending Section: "We get million dollar contracts that go directly to friends untendered and massive cost overruns with no one held to account."

Yes to a certain extent the section was not completely founded on fact however the offending section was little more than a word. The word "friends". Do contracts go directly? Yes there is no bidding process. Is anyone held to account? Not in the slightest.

In my opinion this action by Government MP's is nothing more than pathetic. Anyone who listened to the debate on the motion of no confidence before the summer will remember distinctly Dr. Brown's speech on that night. Filled with divisive claims and general attacks on the UBP branding them again as racist etc. Was that struck from the record? No. Did Mr. Barrit attempt to ask for a point of order due to the Dr. impugning improper motives? Yes. Was it recognized by the speaker? No. And yet... a statement that as far as I'm concerned has never been adequately disproved was removed simply because the PLP felt it was being insulted. We have a Government unwilling to simply respond to and discredit the offending statement but rather have it struck from the record. That as well raises very interesting questions.

Perhaps it isn't true. I accept the possibility that there is no wrong doing other than stupidity at play in the awarding at contracts but, still we must all agree that there is something wrong. We see costs skyrocket on what seems like every single project. It's time to institute open bidding for government projects. Let the government do that to deal with the criticisms. Enough dodging, do something about it.

Open bidding should be common sense as far as I'm concerned but, then again it could be,

Wishful Thinking.


  1. Well, at least it cuts both ways, eh?

    Burgess' remarks against Dunkley are struck from the record - November 21st, 2009

  2. I thought that myself too when I read it haha.

    It's a bit pathetic actually. Tit for tat strikings are going to get Bermuda no where.