Thursday, September 17, 2009

Look How Important We Are Now!

Strengthening Bermuda's Ties with Washington
Submitted by PLP on 16 September 2009 - 6:03pm.

Next week, the Government of Bermuda will officially open a new office in Washington, DC. The PLP Government previously opened an office in London. Ensuring strong and productive ties with Washington and London is vital to Bermuda's political and economic interests. Premier Ewart Brown commented on the office opening:
In our 400th anniversary year, the opening of an office in Washington, D.C. is a watershed event for Bermuda. It will immeasurably strengthen the links between our two countries and position Bermuda well on critically important issues.
We look forward to having a permanent presence in Washington to ensure that Bermuda's interests are well represented in the American capital.


Oh goody! I'm so excited! Bermuda's very own ego boosting Washington D.C. money waster!

Thank god we'll now have an office in D.C. to do all that important.. uhh.. Washington D.C. stuff!!

Now we can finally exert all that influence we hold over the U.S. and at last we'll be able to get something done without all those travel expenses. God forbid that ministers might have to travel to D.C.! That 1.79 million dollars is so much better spent ensuring that we have dedicated staff within close range of such high importance locations as the "Canadian Embassy, the Federal Trade Commission, the National Archives and the Newseum". What ever would Bermuda do without the National Archives at our finger tips!

So what if we have a consulate in Bermuda, we'd much rather go straight to the big man on the hill right? Bermuda carries a lot of weight up there you know, once we were mentioned by Obama in an offhand remark while he was talking about something completly different! We also accepted four Uighers, Over here! Look at us! We're Bermuda and we're important now!!

I once thought that Bermuda's money would be spent on things Bermuda needed, like education reform and iniatives to fight crime.

I guess that was just another bit of..

Wishful Thinking

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