Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Comedy of Errors?

ZBM News today reported on a report commissioned by the UBP to identify failures and necessary changes following the general election loss.

From memory the issues suggested ranged from going out and doing some good in the community and setting up their own radio station to combat the effect of Hott 107.5 which the report stated was having an effect on voters. Of course it also mentioned the ones that we are all common with, name change, image change etc.

I guess now I have my answer as to what changes the UBP should/could have made.

More worryingly however the report suggested that rather than Michael Dunkley being so visible in the lead-up to the last election he should have taken a back seat to a group of black "surrogates". Is it just me or does that seem to be what the UBP has been accused of all along? Using black's as a front for the whites in control? I am very happy to see that the UBP did not take that low road, I have a lot of respect for Michael Dunkley and to see what I believe is an intelligent and well meaning man using such pathetic political strategies would have been the end of that respect.

However it's all irelevant. Dunkley will never again have a place in the forefront of Bermuda politics because of his race and because of the perception of him being from the old guard and this applies to many members of the current UBP (likewise there are many PLP members I'd like to see getting involved who will undoubtedly be asked not to simply because of the stigma they may bring with them). I understand however that the new party must strive to distance itself with the UBP in particular and the labels the PLP will most certainly seek to apply to it. In fact the PLP has already begun it's smearing of the new party on it's blog:

"The Progressive Labour Party is pleased to welcome a third party to Bermuda's political landscape. Led by Shawn Crockwell, the formation of the new party represents the culmination of an internal feud between the powerbrokers that control Bermuda's opposition. The Crockwell Party is a new investment vehicle for the same, old longstanding opponents of the PLP to try and regain power.
We in the PLP look forward to engaging in a lively debate of ideas with the latest member of Bermuda's opposition."

An artfully hidden begin to the name calling I must say. I expect to see attacks like this become far less subtle and far more open and hostile as the new party gets of the ground. And they haven't even had the chance to make any mistakes yet! Just wait until there is one mis-step, one out of line comment or one wrong person joins the party. And then BOOM, it's going to be status quo all over again.

Some suggest that the current new party isen't going to be the one that breaks the PLP but rather that it will lay the groundwork for yet another new party that will emerge with universal support and soar into victory. Unlikely as far as I'm concerned. Others suggest that following the breakup of the UBP the PLP too will split because the only thing holding it together is their common enemy, the UBP. Unlikely as well, as long as Dr. Brown retains his mysterious hold over so many PLP MPs.

Thinking back from the lead-up to the last election all the way to the present day Bermuda politics seems more to be like a comedy of errors every day. A failed opposition, a failed government and an electorate that failed to keep them in line. Why oh why can't Bermuda seem to acheive good governance.

It is beginning to seem that hoping for that is just... Wishful Thinking.

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  1. "Why oh why can't Bermuda seem to acheive good governance."

    The answer is simple. We've never had good governance, so we really have no effective model from which to work with.

    Whatever happens from here on out, we (the public) must be sure to not rush to judgement. If the mud-slinging begins it will come from all angles, including the UBP. It will be exceedingly difficult for anyone to emerge without looking the idiot.

    Let's hope that an election doesn't happen anytime soon.