Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Just Don't Understand

How can this:
"Commodities broker Seaboard Overseas Ltd is to close its Bermuda office with loss of 12 jobs.

The Royal Gazette understands that the operation will be relocated to the Isle of Man, following the closure of the Bermuda office on April 30.

The posts to go are held by seven Bermudians and five expatriates. The company, which is based in Schroders House, on Front Street, has had a presence on the Island for some three decades... A source with knowledge of the situation said the decision to relocate was taken for a number of reasons, including the rising cost of doing business, the restrictions imposed by work permit time limits and the comparative advantages of the Isle of Man",
and this:
"The Progressive Labour Party now has more support than at any time since winning the 2007 general election, according to a new poll"
be in the newspaper on the exact same day?

I have written previously that I'm completely in favour of giving Paula Cox a chance to prove herself as Premier, but the Progressive Labour Party has been in power for over a decade now. When does Bermuda put its foot down and say they've had long enough to prove themselves?


  1. When things get much worse unfortunately... that PLP kool-aid is some strong stuff!

  2. Actually it's very easy to understand once you realize that because of the messed up racial history of Bermuda the people are willing to let the PLP get away with virtual murder. The whole "It's our turn" and "I don't mind being robbed as long as it's a black man robbing me" thing.