Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Cannabis Debate

Over the past few months we've had quite the back and forth (mostly between members of the PLP) in the news over the issue of whether there should be a new debate drug control. Whatever your views on this subject I think we can all accept that debating the issue is exactly what we need to do. When everything is on the table (as it always is after a full and robust debate) we can begin to make informed decisions about the future of drug control on the island, whether it be strengthening them, weakening them or adopting a completely different approach.

More recently the leader of the BDA has come out and spoken out against having such s debate and shared a heart wrenching story about what he and his family went through because of his fathers addiction to drug but, while that may provide a reason to argue against weakening controls it is irrelevant in the immediate question: Whether a debate should be held. While his views are understandable given his past he cannot let his personal feelings or even the feelings of the members of his party prevent a wider public debate.

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  1. What I find interesting is that the Royal Gazette article notes that Mr. Cannonier's father was diagnosed as schizophrenia and yet Mr. Cannonier does not link this to any of the troubles his family faced. Instead he identifies drug use as the cause rather than considering their use as a symptom. While admittedly marijuana use has been linked to increasing the risk of schizophrenia for those already predisposed, it's use can also be a symptom of self medication for other issues.

    Overall I find his positions disingeneous as he laments the divisive nature of the topic and "knee-jerk" statements but fails to note that he had no problem with take on such issues and divisive topics when the discussion was of independence.

    As you correctly note, it appears he is allowing his own personal emotions to cloud the need for a reasoned and thoughtful debate.