Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One Small Step

Operational control of the police is one of those back and forth issues that just about everyone must has their opinions on and these opinions are almost inextricably linked to support for independence. As the majority of the population does not support independence (for now) can we assume that they don't support Government control of the police either? Kind of.

But, that's the issue right there! We don't know what the people think, there has been no referendum and no public meetings to discuss the issue. All we have is a pro-independence governing party that at times seems unable to keep Independence and crime as separate issues. Whenever crime comes up it's the Governor's fault and this has never helped anyone.

Recently we've been given notice that Dr. Brown will be pressing for control of the Police at the OTCC meeting in London and I can't help but agree with the Opposition statements in today's Royal Gazette calling for a full debate on the topic. If anything it gives the PLP a chance to present their case and convince the public, it would add legitimacy to the whole affair and make sure all the facts are on the table.

But! Enough of that. There is some good news as well!

As reported by the PLP blog and the Royal Gazette a joint statement from Government and Government House was released today. Cutting out the political back batting and general uselessness it says:

"Some U.S. police officers experienced in anti-drug gang and anti-gun crime will be coming to Bermuda to help the Police and to lend the Bermuda Police Service the benefit of their experience and expertise."

The Government has been pushing for that for a long time it would seem and now at last we have their US experts. The ball is in their court. It's their opportunity to prove their critics wrong.


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  2. Unfortunately Dr. Brown couldn't just let the joint statement stand, he had to come out raging against the Governor with his own statement. He's an ass and it's time he went.